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A nation that honor and respect the military or ex-military individuals has prevailing peace and harmony. They are trained people and mostly referred to as state machines, they commitment and eagerness to save is solid. Military personnel and veterans are unique group of people whose loyalty to the nation cannot be questioned. Being appropriately trained, they are able to conduct their duties with less supervision. As state machinery, they are on oath and salary but when they retire, they do not enjoy the excess remuneration they used to get while in service to the nation. Due to military quitting, the pension and benefits may be limited to fully sustain one, they ought to be involved in some constructive income generation activities.

Retired Special Forces, to be specific the veterans, need to involved in an economic activity for the purpose of sustaining themselves. Taking the USA for instance, the government has liaised with some established organizations to facilitate skills acquisition for the veterans.

The world outside the military perimeter has a range of potential income generation activities. The ex-military personnel ought to participate in some economic activities for income and mind engagement benefits. It is healthy and safe for them to get occupied. Businesses and entrepreneurial activities are the best shot for veterans. Enterprises running can be the best sanctuary for them.

Some of the reason why ex-military personnel do well in business is a result of the traits they acquire in the course of their active time while in the military. Military traits are equivalent to entrepreneurial traits. Some of the coveted business traits needed, which are harbored by ex-military are discipline, hard work, perseverance, organization, and adaptability just to mention but a few.

Veterans are good business organizers, they are able to coordinate and run an enterprise smoothly. They have been linked to success of some of the biggest enterprises. They can pose as individual business runners or even get some formal business job. They are fit for administration and managerial posts as they have high internal locus of control.

As much as the military world prepared the veterans to fit in the business world, they are not exclusively acquitted with some business traits. It is out of this that they can enhance their business running skills, perhaps by taking some program. Such programs present them with certification, testimonials, skills, managerial and administration skills needed in the business world. Veteran Entrepreneurship Program is such a body in the USA.

The programs offered to the ex-military peoples help them to connect well with the world and filed of business. It is like an open door to entrepreneurial opportunity. Relevant skills are vital for business operations and VEP has an avenue on how to acquaint the veterans with such, this has been facilitated by its association with some colleges and institutions.

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